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4 reasons signing Jay Cutler was the perfect move for the Dolphins

4 reasons signing Jay Cutler was the perfect move for the Dolphins  It didn’t take long for the Dolphins to find a trade for the injured Ryan Tannehill. Days after Miami’s starting quarterback hurt his knee, the group consented to a one-year, $10 million managers resigned quarterback, Jay Cutler.

[4 reasons signing Jay Cutler was the perfect move for the Dolphins] The Dolphins committing that much money to Cutler does not look good for Tannehill, who could be set out toward ACL surgery. It seems as though the Dolphins’ odds of returning to the postseason hinge on a quarterback who tossed more interceptions than touchdowns during the 2016 season. Here are four reasons why that’s not a terrible thing.

1. Cutler was the best quarterback available

Indeed, even before Cutler marked on with Miami, many were wondering why the group was notwithstanding considering pulling him out of the communicate corner when Colin Kaepernick was as yet accessible.

The appropriate response is simple: Cutler is a better quarterback.

He’s more comfortable in the pocket, he sees the field better, he’s more accurate, and he has a better arm. Kaepernick’s preference in the athleticism is substantially lighter than most would think. Cutler can move around the pocket and be notwithstanding running read options for the Bears when Adam Gase was the group’s offensive coordinator in 2015. Which brings us to the following point.

2. Cutler knows the offense

4 reasons signing Jay Cutler was the perfect move for the Dolphins

Not only is Cutler exceptionally acquainted with Gase’s playbook, but at the same time, he’s flourished in this framework only two years prior. The stats don’t bear this out, however, the 2015 season may have been the best of Cutler’s profession as far as individual performance. He didn’t have much around him to work with — Alshon Jeffery, his only dependable beneficiary, played only nine amusements — yet Cutler still figured out how to set up incredible numbers.

More importantly, Cutler’s tape was fantastic, also. His pocket nearness greatly enhanced, as did his decision-making, regardless of the possibility that was still somewhat suspect. It wasn’t a remarkable advancement considering Gase’s reputation as a quarterback whisperer. Similarly, as it wasn’t an unexpected that Ryan Tannehill played his best football under the freshman mentor in 2016.

4 reasons signing Jay Cutler was the perfect move for the Dolphins

On the off chance that Cutler has anything left, Gase will get it out of him.

3. Cutler fits in well with the offense

Not since the 2013 season has Cutler played with a supporting give a role as capable as the one, he’ll work with in Miami. Jarvis Landry is a world class possession collector. Kenny Stills is one of the better deep threats in the association. And breakout candidate DeVante Parker can win on those contested tosses that Cutler loves to make. He’ll additionally have a running back, in Jay Ajayi, who convey the offense.

[4 reasons signing Jay Cutler was the perfect move for the Dolphins]  The enormous shortcoming on the offense is the line, which battled once again in 2016 and may not be significantly improved in 2017. Cutler is no more unusual to poor pass protection, however. He managed it all through his chance in Chicago and showed signs of improvement and better at handling it as time went on.

4. The offense won’t revolve around him

Cutler’s greatest shortcoming as a passer is his propensity for backbreaking turnovers. That may not be as large of an issue in Miami, where the Dolphins will lean intensely on Ajayi and the running diversion. Gase won’t request that Cutler convey the group, as he needed to do on occasion in Chicago. And nobody has been better at reigning in the 34-year-old during his profession than the Dolphins mentor. It’s no coincidence that Cutler delivered the second-most minimal interception level of his vocation during his one year working with Gase in Chicago. For more sports news.

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